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Michael Maka, Psy.D.


Michael Maka, Psy.D.

Education & Certification:

Doctorate of Psychology, Clinical Psychology,
Adler University
Master of Arts (Non-Terminal), Clinical Psychology,
Adler University
Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology, Counseling Specialization ,
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Bachelor of Science, Psychology,
Loyola University Chicago

Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis

Two-Year Program in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Fellowship: Psychoanalytic Theory and Practice

Dr. Michael M. Maka is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at 360º Wellness & Coaching with experience in working with adolescents and adults across various clinical settings.

Dr. Maka has specialized training and experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Within the therapeutic relationship, Dr. Maka holds an emphasis on exploring past experiences, conscious and unconscious defenses, and relational dynamics that become present during the therapeutic hour. Dr. Maka believes that by focusing on these areas it leads to a deeper understanding and awareness of one’s own thoughts and feelings, along with resolving the influence of troubling past experiences in the present.

Dr. Maka continues to administer neuropsychological and projective assessments in order to provide individuals with insight into areas of concern, specifically as a means of promoting growth and aiding in the process of overcoming innate and/or external obstacles.

Areas of Clinical Expertise include:

Adjustment Disorders
Relational Difficulties and Trauma
Suicidal Ideation
Self-Injurious Behavior
Mourning and Loss
Personality Disorders
Neuropsychological Testing
Projective Assessments

Clinical Interventions Include:

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Dream Analysis
Family Systems Theory
Group Psychotherapy