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Solution-Oriented Parenting Group

The adolescent years can be quite stressful for even the most loving and caring parents. Since many youth live parallel lives with their parents, most of their waking hours engaging with their peers with digital technology, experimenting with new behaviors, both positive and negative, the remaining time being like passing ships with their parents in the nighttime. This dynamic, without any firm guidelines and no open lines of communications or quality time together, can over time weaken parent-teen bonds and lead kids to become vulnerable prey to a variety of stress-related difficulties such as: anxiety problems, depression, cutting, eating disorders, substance abuse, and escaping into excessive use of video gaming. Once these difficulties get set in motion, parents out of love and concern will try and resolve their teens’ problems often in unproductive ways. Their attempted solutions can take following forms: being too super-responsible, too overprotective, too controlling, too laissez-faire, dishing out excessive and lengthy consequences, or threatening to institutionalize their kids. Unfortunately, all of these parental attempted solutions only serve to further perpetuate their kids’ difficulties.

The Solution-Oriented Parenting Group is an 8-session skill-building group specifically designed to empower parents to strengthen their relationship bonds with their teens, establish positive communication patterns with them, and help parents abandon unproductive attempted solutions. Parents learn how to tap their own strengths, resources, and creativity to resolve their teens’ difficulties. Parents also become skilled Solution Detectives at capturing their teens’ at their best and celebrating those sparkling moments behaviors when they occur. Another bonus of this group is that the couple partners often become a much more consistent unified parental team in managing their teens’ challenging behaviors and enforcing their house rules and consequences by the end of the group. As a result of attending this “hands-on” highly upbeat group, parents will come away knowing how to:

• Speak the language of change with your teens
• Foster cooperative relationships with your teens
• Use your key parental strengths and resources and those of your teens to co-construct solutions together
• Decipher the positive intent in your teens’ challenging and problematic behaviors to change your narrow and unhelpful views
• Establish well-formulated goals
• Mindful parenting: Embracing your teens with loving kindness and compassion
• Tap your playful and inventive side to inject suspense and surprise into your relationship with your uncooperative and difficult teen to promote change
• Use positive consequences instead of punishment

The Solution-Oriented Parenting Group is offered throughout the year at our 360 Wellness and Coaching .The group will be offered on Monday evenings. Each group session is $75 and it is expected that participants commit to the entire group.