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Executive Coaching

Being a leader changes everything. Before you are a leader, success is all about you. It’s about your performance, your contributions. It’s about getting called upon and having the right answers. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Your success as a leader comes not from what you do but from the reflected glory of the people you lead.”

Jack Welch

What is Executive Coaching → Working with executives to provide strategies that optimizes them as leaders.

Executive coaching is a one-on-one process where the coach and client work together to achieve specific goals and further develop individual skill sets. Coaching is beneficial to any corporation. Coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how their personal life style and professional behaviors influence others and the overall success of the organization. The coach provides an unbiased view on what he/she observes and then works with the client to identify development opportunities and establish individual goals — while constantly holding the client accountable and checking in on his/her progress toward achievement of all goals.

As a leader, in order to deliver results, it’s critical to know how to concentrate on what matters most. This allows individuals to leverage signature strengths as well as remove barriers that keep them from realizing their full potential.  The coaching process fosters the creation of an individual action plan for personal success.

As part of the process you can expect:

Creative and Trusted Professional Thought Partner
Selected Awareness Assessments (EQ, Personality, Neuropsych, 360 Multi-rater, Customized Interviews)
Gap Analysis and Stakeholder Assessment
Coaching Session Summaries (key insights & action commitments)
Resources (recommended books, articles, trainings, referrals)


Team Dynamics:

Understanding your team’s strengths, weaknesses, and recognizing individual and group dynamics contributes to the team’s collective success.  The ability to accept that what can be accomplished by a team can be much more powerful than what each member can do individually is a key trait of a leader.

Through team coaching (senior management teams, boards, virtual teams), we build team awareness and responsibility while fostering individual leadership to deliver impactful results.

Team Coaching Foundations:

Individual & Group Assessments with Diagnostics
Communications and Coaching Skills Training
Skilled Facilitation and Team Coaching to hold the team accountable to goals

Leadership Assessments:

Multi-rater (360°)
Myers Briggs Type Indicator
EQ Assessment
Neethling Brain Inventory
Achievement Motivation profile
Leadership Assessment and Feedback

We provide feedback that is factual, understood, valued and acted upon.

Solutions & Resources:

The #1 complaint and #1 concern we hear from executives is they don’t get feedback and they don’t know how to give useful feedback. We specialize in training people to give actionable feedback, feedback that is heard, understood, valued and acted upon.


Find the right candidate the first time
Learn to manage emotionally charged situations
Utilize conflict-resolution skills
Master effective transitions
Develop meaningful behavioral changes and guarantee confidentiality

Coaching Process

Optimize your efforts with one-on-one confidential guidance tailored to your learning style and goals. Perfect for high potentials, middle leaders, and top executives who need guidance, accountability, and support as they develop emotional intelligence or leadership skills. We support you through all five steps in the coaching process.

MeasureYour Skills
 with emotional intelligence or leadership assessment
Raising Your Self-Awareness
Create an Action Plan Together
 with specific strategies to close the gaps in your skills
Practice and Develop
 by refining your efforts with accountability and support from a coach
Prepare to Transition
 by learning how to handle setbacks, when to retest your skills, and how to hold your gains