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Family Mediation

Family mediation can be effective in cases of Premarital Agreements,
, Divorce
, and Dissolution of Civil Unions.

    Key aspects for Family Mediation include the following:

    Confidential – Family Mediation is outside of the court process and only the final agreement is filed publicly.
    Client-Centered – The relevant parties, not a judge or attorneys, make the decisions and maintain control over outcomes.
    Non-Adversarial – The philosophy of Mediation is not focused on winning/losing, rather the objective is for both parties to reach mutually agreeable decisions.
    Efficient – Since the parties communicate and make decisions face-to-face, the process is often faster than other methods of dispute resolution such as litigation. 

    Economical – Agreements are often reached more efficiently than in a more adversarial model, as typically only one professional is involved and it is the parties making the

    Voluntary – Either party can terminate the process at any time.