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Garth Amundson, PsyD



Education & Certification:

Doctor of Psychology, IL School of Professional Psychology, National Lewis University

Dr. Garth Amundson is a psychoanalytically-oriented psychologist with more than 30 years of experience treating all age groups in both individual and couples formats.
-Specializing in the treatment of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, self-harming behavior, bipolar conditions, psychosis, trauma, and relationship issues.
-Focused on guiding young adults and teenagers through the intricate transition to greater independence.
-Demonstrates a special interest in cross-cultural therapy, exploring the profound impact of ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural influences on self-understanding and comfort with others.
-Highlights clients’ relationships with their inner experiences, fostering awareness and addressing factors that contribute to personal and interpersonal challenges.
-Emphasizes the significance of understanding childhood experiences and collaborates with clients to facilitate lasting positive changes.